We appreciate hard-working people and pickups at Faith's Ford. On our welcoming Brattleboro, VT lot, we consider Ford's Super Duty the hardest-working pickup. Its towing capabilities certainly impress us.

Ford makes the Super Duty strong. The automaker supplies a fully boxed frame that is 95% high-strength steel. It also attaches components that can easily support heavy loads. This construction gives the Super Duty the top conventional towing capability in its class. If you choose the pickup's optional diesel engine, you'll access a conventional towing rating of 24,200 pounds.

Of course, a truck this strong can easily pull fifth-wheel campers and gooseneck-attached trailers, too. In fact, a diesel-powered Super Duty's gooseneck towing rating is 37,000 pounds. This rating lets you tow horses to shows and bulldozers to work sites. With such capability, the Ford Super Duty offers you the opportunity to do more each workday and haul more recreational gear on the weekend.

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