Impressive New Tech You'll Love to Have in the Ford Taurus

Faith’s Ford has a lot of full-size sedans and one of the most popular ones, the Ford Taurus, is making a splash. Don't be surprised if you see the new Taurus around Brattleboro, VT, especially with some great tech upgrades.

Cool Tech Upgrades

The following should definitely impress:


Sync 3 allows your vehicle to connect to Alexa. Imagine it, you can now shop or control your connected devices at home, all from the comfort of your vehicle.

Park Assist

Parking, especially in small spaces, is hard but not with Park Assist. This system calculates if your vehicle can fit somewhere and how best to do it. When you start the assist, your vehicle is going to guide you to your spot and make parking a cool experience for you.

You know these sound impressive, and they are just two of the tech upgrades you'll find in the Ford Taurus, so schedule your test drive to experience them all.

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