Enjoy The Journey With The Ford Fusion Energi

Whether you’re out for an exciting date night out in Brattleboro or merely surviving your morning commute, the Ford Fusion Energi will fuel your journey in a way that'll make you rejoice. This popular plug-in hybrid saves the environment and your sanity with several tech savvy features. The following two technology features are sure to make each trip about much more than reaching a destination.

Preserving our natural resources starts with using them wisely. EcoSelect is an innovative feature that orchestrates speed, climate control, and other comfort adjustments to minimize power use. This makes the Energi an efficient, energy-saving superstar.

FordPass Connect is another tech marvel destined to make your live easier. Use it to connect up to 10 devices to your own on-the-road hotspot. Take a Faith's Ford test drive today to try out these great new features and more.


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