Road Trip Tips for Moms

If you're the family matriarch, traveling is arduous. Why? You spend so much time caring for the family, you don't relax and enjoy the ride. So, below are road trip tips for mom that reduce stress.
  • Assign road trip duties to all family members. Release control. Someone packs the cooler. Another person cleans out the trunk. You follow up the day before to make sure it's complete.
  • Keep food and clothing simple. Edibles should require minimal prep so everyone can feed themselves. Only babies should need help. Attire needs to be for fun requiring no ironing or extra steps.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff. Shoes get lost. Siblings fight. None of these things should ruin your trip.
  • Treat yourself. Sleep an extra 15 minutes. Buy a special trinket. Sip a new type of tea. Do something for you.
Moms - travel better. Use these tips and look forward to your next excursion.
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